“Infinito” Detailed Synopsis


In his meager atelier an artist puts finishing touches to his latest work and so he starts the story. A story with a beginning but without an end. The artist sells the painting to a noble man who uses it as a decoration surrounding the everyday life of his young family. Years pass while the painting mute witnesses the life of the family in happy and sad times. And in the darkest hour it is discarded in a dusty attic as its only purpose has become a reminder of the past bright days.



Hundreds of years and a thick layer of dust later the painting is rediscovered by a stranger. The painting finds its way into the hands of an expert who appreciates it as a highly valuable masterpiece. The painting is auctioned to a white-suited philanthropist, owner of the most famous galleries. He unveils the painting for public appreciation and it is admired by the people, living in happy and glamour times. Years go by as people everyday come to see the painting for themselves. The gallery becomes emptier and emptier and ever more oppressive place. The final visitor comes and goes.



Times slowly change and a new order is set in. The forgotten gallery is intruded by coarse uniformed imbeciles following specific orders. They take away all the beautiful treasures of art and put them in new types of galleries – where the common people are forced to renounce them. It is the new form of appreciation. While there is no obvious hope, is it really that the man has turned back on its finest creations? Who will be the next admirer? What would be the next generation of people? How will the story go on into the Future?

The picture represents a collage of different times, different values, different moods as it objectively depicts the whole manifestation of us.