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Selected projects

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Short film “Infinito” (21 min., Bulgaria)

(Director, Editor, Post-production)

Synopsis: An artist puts finishing touches to his latest paining and so he starts its journey. Passed from hand to hand, forgotten and re-discovered, acclaimed and abused, the painting is a passive witness to various popular moods and changing values.

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Puppet theater play “Mildly” (Bulgaria, Director: Nikola Dogramadjiev)

(Character & puppet designer)



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Storyboards from short film “The room” (5 min., Bulgaria)

(Storyboard Artist and Director)

Synopsis: He is just ordinary man. He is invisible. He doesn’t have a name. His life consist mainly of daily grind. But he has vivid imagination and in his mind he has totally different experiences.

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Social skills and competences
Almost all of my work experience is mainly in cooperation and interaction with other creative individuals, where it has been very important to build up the team spirit, collaborate, inspire each other and deal with people with diverse career orientation and professional language.
Organizational skills and competences
Very good organizational and motivational skills, obtained as a (assistant) director and participant in several projects with many other participants:
• The short film “Infinito” include about 80 participants in about 10 locations;
• The funding of the short film “Infinito” was via project grant provided by National Fund “Culture”
• The short film “The Room” was shot on several locations permitted by officials incl. two Metro stations
• For the shooting of teasers for “The big reading” the number of the crew members was more than 100, working on 10s of locations within a short window of time (less than 2 weeks).  
Artistic skills and competences
Favorite art techniques are: Collage, Oil painting, Acryl painting, Graphics. Broad interests and experience of Conceptual design in any form.
Desired employment / Occupational field
Mihaela would like to express herself as a visual artist in motion pictures in the role of Film editor & post-production or in game and advertising industry as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator.

Work experience 

since January, 2008
Freelance filmmaker for over 30 Film, TV and Video projects
Director, Film editor, Post-production artist, Roto artist, Screenwriter, Conceptual & visual artist for World Wide FX, Studio 42, ForeX Ltd, TV 7, among various employers (see the full list)
since February, 2006
Character design & development
Hand & Rod puppets from a kids’ story for Experian Ltd., Nikola Dogramadjiev, etc. (see the full list)


since May, 2008
Graphic Designer & Photoshop specialist
Photographic retouch/post-production for Sadigirb Ltd., etc. (see the full list)
since September, 2004
Costume & set designer for over 20 visual art projects
Costumes, stages, sets, props designer & art director for Aedea Partners LLC, Association “Darina”, Dramatic Theatre of Lovech (see the full list)

Skills and competences

General motion picture skills & knowledge
Film editing

also including rotoscoping, keyering, tracking, color grading, visual effects, mastering, post-production, etc.  

Storyboard & Pre-visualization

also including shot list, conceptual art & design, etc.

Set & costume design

also props design

Character development

for puppets, animations, games, etc.

Main computer skills and competences
For realization of various projects, I have mastered good command of wide range of computer applications for graphic design, video editing, visual effect, and motion graphics. Here are some of my favorite software to use (but not at all the only to know):
Software for graphic design

Favorite products: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign

Software for image editing

Mainly using Adobe Photoshop 

Software for video editing

 Favorite products: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Sony Vegas 

Software for visual effects

Mainly using Adobe After Effect, extensive professional experience with The Foundry Nuke, also gained some experience with Apple Motion Studio 

Microsoft Office

Of course I am well acquainted with MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint 

Software for 3D design

I have some basic knowledge for 3D design, modeling and rendering by working on Discreet 3D Max 

Professional hardware

I have good knowledge to work with professional hardware devices (Tablet, Shuttle, GPU, basic understanding of the operation of professional photo and video cameras) 


In the process of obtaining a driving license



Film and TV Director (Master of Arts)
New Bulgarian University
Main focuses of the studies were:
• Managing a creative project for television or film production;
• Developing screenplays, shot lists, budgets, and storyboards;
• Coordinating communication across the film departments (cinematographers, producers, art designers, actors, sound designers, post-production etc.);
• Film editing & post-production.
Scenography (Bachelor in applied art)
National Art Academy – Sofia
Main focuses of the studies were:
• Stage and costume design for drama, puppet theatre and opera;
• Stage and costume design for film;
• Computer-aided design;
• Creating visual environment for stage and audio-visual product;
• Designing puppets, costumes, props, stage decoration and theater sets;
• Building miniature models of stage & set designs.